Sushma Swaraj Keeps Her Word By Securing Medical Admission For Pakistani Girl

Sushma Swaraj has been known to go the extra mile when it comes to offering help to all those who need it. From securing the safe return of Pakistani girls to their homes to saving a couple’s honeymoon from total failure, she has always been willing to help.

Ms Swaraj heard the story of Mashal Maheshwari, a meritorious Pakistani girl who was unable to give her medical exams in India and immediately offered a helping hand. 

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The girl was unable to appear for the common medical exam for NEET because of her nationality.


Ms Swaraj certainly kept her promise and got Mashal admission into Sawai Man Singh Medical College (SMS) in Jaipur. 

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“I thank Sushma Swaraj jee for making my dream come true.”

Mashal’s family had moved from Pakistan to Jaipur a few years ago on a religious visa because of the atrocities that religious minorities had to face in Pakistan.


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After securing this admission, Mashal Maheshwari was ecstatic and had this to say.

“I would like to become a neurologist or cardiologist and will serve India forever.”

A well deserving student should never be refused admission in their chosen field of study simply because of their nationality. Had Ms Swaraj not secured admission for Mashal, we may have lost a potentially great doctor.

Kudos once again, Ms Swaraj!

News Source: The Times of India

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