Woman Fulfills Martyr Husband’s Last Wish, Joins Indian Army 3 Years After His Death

In April 2018, an Indian Army jawan named Nayak Deepak Nainwal was fighting off terrorists in Kulgam, Kashmir, when he was shot thrice on his spine and chest. He was admitted to the hospital and had lost all sensation in his lower body. After 40 days of fighting for his life, he died in May 2018, reports TNIE.

However, his final wish was that his wife, now 32-year-old Jyoti Nainwal, joins the Indian Army and serves the country. Now, almost 3 years later, Jyoti is set to join the Indian Army as an Officer, reports TOI. Her year-long training is to start soon at the Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai.

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The journey to being an Indian Army officer wasn’t an easy one for Jyoti Nainwal. She was married into a family where the men of the past 3 generations served in the Indian Army. Her father-in-law revealed that Jyoti used to wake up at 3:30 AM to go out for jogging as she didn’t want her conservative neighbours to see her in athletic wear.

She cracked the SSC exam, one of the toughest physical and psychological exams, in her fourth attempt. Once commissioned, she will be the first officer from her family to serve the army as the men from previous generations served as jawans and other non-officer ranks.

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Jyoti is also a mother to a 5-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. Preparing for the exam while fulfilling her motherly duties has been difficult. Now that she will be leaving them to take on an officer’s duties, her family back home will be taking care of them.

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“He (Deepak) would like me to face the world bravely. I decided to join the Indian Army. I hope this will make him happy wherever he is,” Jyoti said.

The Indian Army has gained another strong, courageous, and determined officer today!

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