Incident Of 2 Women Paraded Naked, Molested & Raped In Manipur Causes Nationwide Outrage

Disclaimer: This article contains details and visuals of molestation, rape and violence that are disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

At the beginning of May 2023, massive clashes erupted in Manipur between the predominant ethnic group (Meitei) and the tribals (Naga and Kuki). The clash was ignited after the Manipur High Court directed the state government to include the Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribes (ST) category.

On May 4, a horrifying incident took place. Two Kuki women were stripped naked, physically assaulted, molested and paraded by a mob of men in Manipur. The men allegedly belonged to the Meitei group. One woman was 21 years old and the other was in her 40s. A video of the incident went viral on Twitter on Wednesday, July 19, two months after the incident took place.

The victim who was in her 40s opened up about the incident to Scroll and revealed that the Meitei mob were at a nearby village “burning homes”. When she and her family tried to escape, the mob caught them and began assaulting them. The women were then asked to strip naked. When they resisted, the men said, “If you don’t take off your clothes, we will kill you.”

The women then stripped “every item of clothing” to “protect” themselves. The men slapped and punched them, molested them and paraded them to a nearby field. The 40-year-old woman was asked to lie down on the ground. When she did, three men surrounded her and one of them told the others to rape her. But they eventually didn’t.

The 21-year-old, on the other hand, was “brutally gang raped in broad daylight” on the field by the men, reported Indian Express.

According to The Hindu, the Manipur police arrested one of the main masterminds behind the women’s assault, who was also seen in the video, on July 20.

The video of the women has caused a nationwide uproar with innumerable people condemning the incident and raising concerns about women’s safety and the government’s lack of action. After all, it took two months for the authorities to take action, only after the video sparked social media outrage.

We hope that speedy and appropriate action is taken in this case. What an absolute shame!

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