Mandira Bedi Doing Push-ups In Saree And Heels At 45 Is The Inspo You Need Today

Mandira Bedi, for me, is the embodiment of fitness goals. She’s been pushing herself to become stronger and fitter since I don’t know, forever! Even at the age of 45, the actor has the motivation and vigor of a 20-year-old, proving once again that age is just a number. She became a mommy in 2011 but her post-pregnancy transformation is one for the books.

We still remember her as the timid Preeti from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, coy and shy. And now the diva has taken on the fitness standards to another level.

She’s always been into sports though, give me a hoot if you remember Bedi host the ICC Cricket World Cup? Wasn’t she just ace!?

1. Working out with a backdrop, how could life get any better!?

Look back.. But never in regret..

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2. Look at that ripped physique! *hoot hoot*

3. Workout. Flex. Click. Repeat.

Onwards and upwards always!! 🤪👊🏼 #HappySunday

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Isn’t she any inspiration. She’s dedicated to leading a healthier lifestyle and you know what, she’s proving that if you work hard and stay motivated anyone can reach these heights.

If this is not enough, Mandira Bedi recently shared a video for her fans that has everyone gagaing over the celeb. She posted a video of herself doing push-ups in a saree and heels.

I mean c’mon, I can bearly walk in a saree and heels and Bedi is working out in them. Is there anything she can’t do?!

The video has gone viral on Instagram, with everyone showering love and praises for the star. Watch the video here:

Motivated by her, netizens are too planning to hit the gym. Many are commenting on her video appreciating her strength.

1. Your fan club is going bonkers!

2. You’re an inspiration!

3. Yes, breaking stereotypes forever.

I paid for a gym membership as part of the ‘New Year, New Me’ resolution, however, stopped going after the first week (duh). But after watching this video, I’m definitely going to give my all to my workout (from Monday.)

But it’s so great that Mandira Bedi is working out and breaking gender and female body stereotypes. She’s just proving “Mhaari chhoriyaan chhoron se kum hain ke!