Bihar Man Opens His Mask & Puts It On His Friend’s Face, All During A Live Interview


With every passing day, the number of coronavirus cases is increasing. And this spike has forced people to take the pandemic even more seriously and rigorously take precautions to avoid catching the contagious virus.

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While the world is wearing a fresh, sanitized mask every day before stepping out in public, apparently, wearing a friend’s used mask is okay because ‘koi baat nahi, ye dost hai humara’. Well, this isn’t what we are saying.

In a video that has been doing rounds on the internet, a man from Bihar is seen saying these golden words to a journalist when he was flagged to wear a mask given the risk of Covid-19.

In the viral video, a reporter can be seen interviewing a man who is speaking without a mask on. Moments into the videos and the reporter asks him to wear one. To which he responds, ‘nhi hai, chor diye hai.’

But suddenly, a man from behind comes with a mask and puts it on the interviewee. This is where the journalist realizes that the man has put his own mask on this friend who was being interviewed. He then bursts into laughter.

Well, this brilliant act of friendship was shared across social media like wildfire. Here’s how people reacted to it:

I just have one question here, kon hai ye log?

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