Man Axes And Burns A Guy Alive, Then Shares Shocking Video To Teach Love Jihadis A Lesson.

Disclaimer: The following article contains graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.

What is terrorism if not a form of hate-crime? What is hate-crime if not unacceptable?

While the world fears the ISIS and the terror they spread in the name of Jihad, we have another set of people who commit hate-crimes and instil hatred and fear in the minds of innocent people.

In a shocking incident in Rajasthan, a man was hacked with an axe and then burnt alive for allegedly committing to Love Jihad.

What is even more appalling is that the perpetrator, Shambunath Raigar, confessed to having committed this heinous crime and even filmed it.

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The video records the entire act, including the brutal way in which he burned the victim alive.

As per the report by The Indian Express, the police had received information about a half-charred body of a man being found, who was later identified as Afrazul Khan, from Malda in West Bengal.

A later revelation suggested that the accused knew his victim for some time. It seems that Afrazul was living with a woman that Shambhunath was earlier in a relationship with.

Agriculture equipment, victim’s bike and footwear were found at the crime scene. The district police arrested Shambhunath from Kelva region in Rajsamand.

The family of the victim has gathered to mourn the loss and demand justice for Afrazul. Gul Bahar Bibi told Indian Express,

“We want those who killed my husband so brutally and showed it to the world be hanged. I want Insaaf (justice).

He was only killed because he was a Muslim. Yesterday, at around 3 pm, we received a call from Rajasthan Police and were told that my husband has been murdered”

The incident has shocked everyone who came across it and many have taken to Twitter to express their grief and anger.

In the name of religion or love, an act like this is monstrous and unforgivable. For once, if we stop ‘fighting for peace’, maybe we will finally have it.