Man Kicked A Pup Till Its Guts Fell Out And Then Abused The Girl Who Was Taking Care Of Him

Disclaimer: Graphic content ahead, viewer discretion is advised.

Humans are said to be compassionate beings, aren’t they? But certainly, there are deviations in our race, because there are people who show not even an ounce of compassion in them. Committing heinous crimes are humans, who leave us flabbergasted with their acts. Some people are unsentimental while hurting their own, so how can one expect them to show sentiment toward animals?

In a ghastly case that has come to light, a Nagpur man killed a 2-month-old puppy by kicking him repeatedly, till his intestines came out.

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The gory crime was committed by 30-year-old Abhishek Ingle, who has invited a lot of hate towards him with this disgraceful act.

A resident of a society in Manav Sena Nagar near Seminary Hills, Abhishek was booked by Gittikhadan police for charges of cruelty to animals and assaulting 25-year-old woman lawyer, Karnika Pandey.

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25-year-old woman lawyer and Ingle are residents of the same society. She was told on Friday evening that Ingle has taken away the stray puppy. The pup was limping because of a leg injury he incurred on September 30 and Karnika was taking care of it.

It was the Ingle family who allegedly didn’t like the dog’s presence in the society and objected to it.

A Times of India report quoted Karnika saying.

“Abhishek took away the pup in his car and despite my repeated attempts, his mother did not give me his telephone number.”

She contacted animal activist Aparna Modakm who sent help to Pandey and they witnessed Ingle’s brutal act themselves.

Dinesh Zile spotted a man kicking something near Vayusena Nagar around 11 p.m. while he was on the way, along with Modak, to the society to help Pandey. Aparna told TOI,

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“On seeing that the person was repeatedly following the action, I stopped the car and turned back. But the person, who I later identified as Ingle, fled. The object he was kicking was a pup which was dead and lying dismembered.”

When Abhishek returned to the society, Karnika confronted him. That’s when he assaulted her.

“We had an argument during which he physically abused me.”

When the activists brought the late pup to the society, Pandey was shocked to see it was the same dog she’s been caring for. They lodged a police complaint against Ingle who was arrested on Friday night.

An FIR under IPC sections 354, 429, 509, 504, 506 and relevant sections of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 was filed against him.

Abhishek was released on bail of ₹15,000, later.

The pictures on the social media are very disturbing and people have united to make this man pay for his actions. We have not included comments and reactions of people about his act because they are filled with rage and are hurling abuses at him.

This is beyond gory. The man kicked the poor pup so hard that his intestines fell out, leading to its death. What’s happened to humanity? I don’t know how many times do we have to ask ourselves this, but the answer to it is getting unendurable with each passing day. ?