This Adorable Video Of A Man Dancing With His Dog On ‘Careless Whisper’ Is Pure Love

Dogs are probably the only creatures in this world who love you unconditionally. However, sometimes, even these beautiful, selfless canines crave for affection from their hoomans. And that is exactly when you need to make them feel special for they deserve much more than just belly rubs. Don’t they?

This brings us to a heartwarming video going viral on social media platforms, where a man was seen dancing with his dog on his lap!

While the others on the dance floor had their partner in their arms, this pet parent also had the love of his life, his golden retriever. In an extremely adorable sight, the duo swayed along George Michael’s famous hit ‘Careless Whisper’.

The man perfectly imitated the ballroom dance moves with his fluffy friend and you bet, the doggo had a good time!

Here is the video:

The video became an instant hit among pet parents as people showered praise for the man for giving them parenting goals. The others had found out what they were missing in life.

This one touched my heart in the most beautiful way. :’)