Mahira Khan And Her Mom Are Having Epic Auto-Correct Fails. Twitter Offers Tech Support!

Auto-correct is the frenemy Grammar Nazis will warn you about.

While it seems like a feature that will make your texts look as perfect as Aamir Khan’s movies, the sneaky little bastard is also quite capable of making a major boo-boo when you least suspect it!

Guess who learnt this the hard (and hilarious) way? Mahira Khan!

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The Raees actress posted a screenshot of a chat with her ‘Ama’ i.e mother on her Twitter this weekend complaining about major auto-correct troubles.

We’re assuming she’s probably trying to say  “Ama take care of yourself and Abbu”  but damn that auto-correct!

But it wasn’t just Mahira’s auto-correct that was acting drunk. Her mother had a similar lapse in texting the very next second!

Again, we can only assume Mommy Dearest was trying to type ‘Jaan’ but auto-correct wanted took some creative liberties and headed for ‘Japan’ instead!

And there they were, the Tweeple lying in wait for one such golden opportunity to lavish their killer sense of humour!

From solutions to puns to things that were not really important at the moment, Mahira got loads and loads of ‘advice’.

1. Screw auto-correct. There are bigger bones to pick!

Also, 361 UNREAD MESSAGES? How is your OCD not flaring up?

2. Spoken like a true Customer Service Executive! #HowMayIHelpYou

3. Jaana tha Japan, pohonch gaye Ja-pun?

4. Return of Ja-Pun!

5. Jeez, Mahira! Get with the times! #FYI

The Twitterati are a perceptive lot. I can tell you this because they did not just offer advice to help Mahira with her auto-correct situation, but also detected another tech issue that she might be having—typos!

Ouch. That just made things worse!

1. Nope. We got eyes too.

2. Da ‘rzlts’ r heelarus!

3. I got 99 problems and two of them have embarrassed me on Twitter already!

All said and done, Mahira, you’re not alone when it comes to the victims of auto-correct!

If you ask me, this feature is a total Zaalima! *wink wink*

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