Video Of Lucknow Cabbie Beautifully Singing ‘Nazar Ke Samne’ Proves India Is Filled With Talent

India, with its artistically inclined culture, is filled with talents found in every corner of the country. Especially in a city like Lucknow which has been home to several musical sensations, even the simplest people are oozing with talents. And this recent video is proof!

A video of an Uber driver from Lucknow beautifully singing ‘Nazar Ke Samne’, a popular song from the movie Aashique, has been going viral.

According to sources, the driver, Vinod, usually is heard singing for his passengers during their ride. One such passenger took to Twitter to post a video of him singing.

Watch the video here:

People of the internet are immensely impressed by Vinod and are filled with appreciation for him.

Even Uber responded to the video saying Vinod is one famous driver who keeps on getting positive mentions for giving passengers a musical ride.

We hope Vinod’s talent gets recognised nationally someday. May his voice take him places!