17 Things You Face When You Live Alone For The First Time

Growing up, all we wanted to do was do this awesome thing all the adults around us were doing- being adults. We could have all the money to buy everything and not have to study at all. Needless to say, that idea went out of our heads as quickly as we reached the same stage.

Do you remember the first time you moved out of your home? When you were so excited but also incredibly nervous? When you had to embrace another city because you were bound to live there for a long time? If you don’t, these things will make you think about it all. ūüôā

1. At first, you cannot hide your excitement because hell, you’re going to live alone

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Independence, making your own decisions, and no more nagging.


2. You start promising yourself that you will explore the entire city and take advantage of your independence

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Where there is a will, there is a way.


3. When the day comes close to leaving home, you suddenly feel a pang of sadness

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You suddenly realise that you’re leaving home for a very, very long time.


4. You feel uneasy when you first settle down in the new city

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Finding the places close to you is a task. Where do I buy my groceries from? The ATM is around 3 km from here. Great.


5. Decorating your house just as you like thrills you to no end

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It’s my way, or the highway.


6. The best feeling is knowing that you have a few people you know in the new city

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So, you’re not all alone.


7. You’re going to lose your way back to your apartment/PG at least 3 days in a row

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But I was so sure that it was this lane…


8. Trying to use public transport of a completely different city will make you cry about how you need your own vehicle

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Need. Car. Now.


9. You either really like or completely dislike your landlord

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And that mainly depends on how many times a week they come to bother you.


10. You actually have to start doing all the grown up stuff on your own

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Making a bank account, writing cheques, learning how to bargain…the world becomes an intimidating place.


11. You start adjusting your lifestyle to the way the city works

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The culture shock you face is something that changes you forever.


12. You start calling your parents for advice on everything- cooking, cleaning the house, finances, everything

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“Ma, I burned the dal again.”


13. Even when you’re buying groceries for your house, you have to make your own, independent decisions

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And your food habits change drastically, because you don’t buy the same things your mother used to buy.


14. Sometimes, you feel lonely as hell, even if you’ve made friends at work

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After all, home is home.


15. But, being alone teaches you the value of your family and old friends

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Your support system is miles away from you, and you realise that.


16. It teaches you how to be comfortable being alone, and giving yourself importance

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There is nothing more important than taking care of yourself.


17. And when you go back home for the holidays, you feel like a new, knowledgeable, and responsible person

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Living alone and away from home is often an eye opener that makes you realize your strengths and weaknesses, and it makes you work with them to the best of your abilities. After all, that’s how you grow up. ūüôā

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