People Praise Lilly Singh For Flaunting Her Darkening Underarms In Body Positive Post

The world of social media is often rife with impossibly perfect pictures of individuals seemingly living their best lives. Hence when a celebrity tosses aside the glitter and glam to get real with a body positive post, we’re here for it.

Comedian Lilly Singh has done precisely this when she flaunted imperfections instead of glossing them over. She recently shared a picture of her unedited armpits and pointed out the fact that they were slowly darkening.

“Shoutouts to the dark armpit gang. Where y‚Äôall at?!” she wrote. She revealed that she used to be embarrassed about them, but has now embraced her pits with pride.

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People online had a lot to say about her post. Some showered Singh with support and confessed that they were a part of the dark underarm gang too. On the other hand, there were those who expressed concern and speculated whether the pigmentation was due to the use of deodorants.

What did you think of her post? Tell us.

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