Sons Share Valuable Lessons They Learnt From Their Dads In Wholesome Reddit Thread

Most of us are instantly reminded of our parents when we are in a soup. ‘Mummy se puch leti hu. Papa se help maang leti hu’ often comes to our minds. And talking from experience, their words of wisdom and lessons have, a majority of the time, saved me in tricky situations.

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And it’s not just me, several people online think that the lessons their parents gave them have helped them in some way or the other. Hence, men decided to share those helpful tips and trick their dads gave them.

Men did so after a Reddit user asked them, ‘what valuable lessons did your dad teach you?’

Men who have great fathers, what valuable lessons did your dad teach you? from AskMen

Here are some of them that might interest you too:

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Take care of your money

Punctuality and being polite are key!

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Be yourself.

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Have patience, my friend.

Earlier, dads online shared fatherhood tips for soon-to-be-dads. Fathers are just the best, after moms, of course! 🤣

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