This Lesbian Couple Discussing Their Wedding Makes Us Believe In A Change We Wish To See

In a country where homosexuality is still frowned upon, LGBT-themed ads and social campaigns supporting the community, are seeing the light and are being welcomed effusively. Through little acts like these, we can see the change that we wish to witness in our country.

This video uploaded by Friday Fiction Films, titled Tabdeel (meaning change), aligns itself with a progressive message –  a lesbian couple getting ready for their marriage.

For around 3 minutes, the video aims a casual tone – girls meeting, talking about their marriage and the family’s acceptance, their relationship.  It gives a candid feel like it is any other couple being apprehensive about meeting the parents and getting married.

When I see two women talking about their relationship boldly and promising to be with each other, I see a change. I see tabdeel. 🙂