Watch How A Lady Officer In UP Stood Up To An Angry Mob Like A One-Woman Army. *claps hard*


‘Sawagath nahi karoge humara?’

You can only imagine Salman Khan deliver this line, don’t you? But what if we told you, Chulbul Pandey is passé and we spotted a real-life Dabangg? Oh, we did!

It is none other than, Uttar Pradesh’s lady Circle Officer (C.O.) Shrestha Thakur. She not only stood up to an angry mob in Bulandshahr protesting the arrest of an MLA’s husband, but she even gave it right back to all of them.

The whole hullabaloo started after Officer Sharma seized the vehicle (for not having proper documentation) and took BJP leader Pramod Lodhi into the custody on the charges of obstructing government work.

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She voiced her opinion and even displayed, ‘I am not scared of you’ attitude throughout the length of the video, uploaded by Truth Teller. And, even lipped that if they want they can “go and get written orders from the Chief Minister that the police has no right to check vehicles and give challans.”

She even said that the officers don’t stand on the roads, away from their families, at night for fun. “Duty karte hain, iske baad yeh aapka dharna dekh rahe hain,” she added.

Her spirit is commendable and we can’t help but go, ‘hud, hud, Dabangg’ over her.

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