CRED CEO’s Post About Mediocre People Vs ‘A+ Folks’ Starts Debate About Friendship

If you happen to listen to podcasts featuring entrepreneurs or read inspirational paragraphs online, you will come across one common idea – how a person needs to surround themselves with smart, growth-oriented individuals because the environment significantly influences personal and professional development. By engaging with high achievers, one is constantly exposed to innovative ideas and constructive thinking. Additionally, it is also mentioned how associating with those who lack ambition or settle for mediocrity can lead to stagnation.

Speaking on the same likes, the CEO of the fintech firm CRED, Kunal Shah, took to X to express how “mediocre people” often hang out with other mediocre people because “A+ folks” avoid them.

This idea of his started a debate because there were multiple people who thought that not mixing with the so-called “average people” is a very elitist thing that usually founders of companies say and a friends circle is often comprised of different kinds of people. By labelling some as A+ and others as mediocre, aren’t we rating our friends on the basis of productivity?

Here’s what some had to say about his post:

Do you agree with what Kunal Shah has to say?

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