‘I Should Have Been Stubborn Like Sandeep’ Says Anurag Kashyap In Interview Supporting Vanga

Despite the commercial successes of his films, Sandeep Reddy Vanga has been ‘cancelled’ by a significant number of people who seem to think that his work is misogynistic, toxic, and sets the wrong kind of example for our society. Many people from the entertainment industry have spoken against watching the film and as a result of this, there seems to be a huge opposition standing against Vanga. However, if there is one person who has shown their support to Vanga it is Anurag Kashyap.

A couple of months back, Anurag Kashyap posted a picture alongside Sandeep Reddy Vanga and called him a “misunderstood” filmmaker. In a recent interview, he opened up about actually liking him because he is an honest filmmaker and he is willing to debate anybody who has a problem with his films.

“I like the guy. I have no problem with him. Unlike a lot of people in the industry who pretend to be someone they are not, he is honest. The former kind, I think, is even more toxic. But Vanga is an honest man. I don’t like anything more than honesty, no matter what others’ issues with honesty are. I love talking to him,” DNA quoted Kashyap saying.

Sharing an incident from his own career, Kashyap opened up about his biggest failure yet – Bombay Velvet. He said that the film was cut short and several scenes were censored, to the point where the film didn’t feel like his anymore.

“No one can deny the impact Animal made. It made the action scenes we had seen in movies before seem fake. It changed so many things in terms of real action scenes, and it was an adult film of three and a half hours. They cut my film Bombay Velvet to two hours and fifty minutes and censored scenes because they were pushing for a U/A certificate. It is my most censored film and Pahlaj Nihalani (the then chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification-CBFC) personally made sure that he cut scenes from it.”

He wished that he could be stubborn like Vanga and fought to keep his version of the film.


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“I got no support. I was under so much pressure during Bombay Velvet about the recovery and opening of the film. But it didn’t feel like mine anymore. I should have been stubborn like Sandeep and fought back to keep my version. You can argue with his creative vision, and he gives space to argue. But what do we do in general? We only attack and cancel people. We don’t discuss or debate.”

He further shared how after the release of ‘Dev D’, he was isolated from the industry. People called him ‘manhoos’ and ‘pagal’ and he had to survive without a support system. Which is why, to a certain extent, he empathises with Vanga. His friends from the industry, including his own daughter, were offended after he publicly supported Vanga. Kashyap apparently called them over to his house and had a long chat about it.

“I never had a support system. Some called me ‘manhoos‘ and ‘pagal.’ I was easily branded, and I felt so alone and isolated. I felt like everybody was isolating and attacking Sandeep instead of talking to him. My daughter was quite upset when I put up that post about Animal. My friends from the industry were upset, and I called them over to my house, and we had a long discussion about it. I want to call out the hypocrisy of these people who criticised Animal, abused and cancelled the film, and then went and watched it, despite knowing what it’s about, and then double-cancelled it.” 

“Why was everybody only attacking Sandeep for Animal? There were also other men and women who were associated with the project. Also, the film is called ‘Animal,’ not ‘human being.’ Sometimes I feel we have become overly woke. We just form opinions and accuse people,” he concluded.

Do you agree with what Kashyap has to say?

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