Serial Killer Goes To Kumbh Mela To Wash Away Sins, Gets Caught By Police Instead

Kumbh Mela is believed to be one of the largest religious gatherings of the world. Thousands of people plunge into the icy cold water of the Ganga believing that their sins would be washed away.

Or so did this serial killer believed, till he was caught by the police!

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Kalua Patel alias Sai Baba, a 38-year old serial killer, was roaming around in Kumbh Mela with a blood-soaked axe in his hand till he was nabbed by the police. The man has confessed to committing 10 murders in the past year.

A resident of Lalapur area, Uttar Pradesh, reasoned that he killed people, who were mostly labourers, because they made fun of his untidy looks!

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SSP Nitin Tiwari told TOI that they were in search of Kalua Patel for quite some time under ‘Operation Serial Killer’.

“During regular checking in Kumbh, a joint team of city police and Mela police on Friday came across a person carrying an axe and a sharp-edged weapon. Upon questioning, he told the police that he had killed at least 10 persons in the past 6 months”, said SSP Tiwari.

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“Till now, he has confessed to killing two labourers near Durga Puja Park in Kydganj on July 4, one in Daraganj on November 27 and one near Kotha Parcha area on December 24. In 2019, he has admitted to having killed a labourer near Triveni Darshan Road on January 10 and another person outside Udaseen Akhara campus in Kydagnj on January 13″, said the police.

Some labourers allegedly passed “lewd comments” and misbehaved with him. They had become his targets and were killed while they slept on the roadside.

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“He seems to be of unstable mind”, said SSP Nitin Tiwari.

The police claimed that Patel monitored their schedule. He struck the victims at night, hitting their trachea with his axe for instant death. Interrogations are still underway.

Such a reversal of fortune!

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