Kolkata Guy Makes 4000 Posters & A Film To Track Girl He ‘Fell In Love’ With On A Train


‘Love at first sight’ – it is one of those things you either believe in or you don’t. However, almost every one of us has fancied the feeling in our dreams, thanks to Bollywood’s portrayal of love. And while the world continues to debate over its possibility in real life, we have a man from Kolkata whose act comes straight out of a fairytale.

In an absolutely crazy act of madness driven by love, Biswajit Poddar, a government employee from Kolkata, has plastered a 6km stretch between Konnagar and Bali with 4000 posters to trace a girl he saw on a local train, and of course, fell in love. Adding to it, he has also made a 7-minute film on the same which is available on YouTube. Speaking to TOI, he said,

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“I know what I have been doing is a bit crazy, but I can’t help it. It was love at first sight and I just cannot get her out of my mind.”

Biswajit, 29, is a clerk with the state environment department in Salt Lake and is a resident of Joka, Behala.

As if the posters and the film were not enough, the ardent lover now takes a train to Konnagar after finishing his office duties every day and waits at the station where he last saw the girl of his dreams. All in the hope of getting a chance to see her again!

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“I have no intention of insulting her or getting her into any sort of trouble. I am doing all this only so that she knows that I am trying to find her and she can contact me if she wants.”

Not to miss, he also wears the same t-shirt he had put on the day he exchanged positive glances with the girl on the train. Keeping a close eye on the comments section of the film ‘Konnagar Kone’ (Konnagar Bride), the one he made, he hopes she responds to his overtures. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a result to date.

It is to be noted that Biswajit met the girl when she boarded a Burdwan local from Tarapith on July 23rd. According to him, the girl boarded the same train with her parents and took the seat opposite to her. He looked at the girl occasionally, but she did not seem to like it at the first, which made Biswajit control himself in that train. When Biswajit took the next train for Howrah, his luck had more in store for him. The girl and his parents took that train too and sat on the seat opposite him once again. They exchanged positive glances this time and sometimes, smiles. Biswajit says that the girl tried to give him her number by mouthing but couldn’t do so because of her parents.


It should be noted that he’s not breaking any laws because he has not named the girl (because he doesn’t know the name, so privacy’s intact), and isn’t stalking her too (because she’s nowhere to be found, as of now). Hope he respects her privacy and consent, in case they cross paths again.

In that case, may his sincere efforts bring him the chance to meet the girl of his fantasy!

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