Not Married But Still Family: Kiran Rao Explains Her Relationship With Ex-Husband Aamir Khan

Back in July 2021, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao had announced their divorce after 15 years of marriage and said that they would be co-parenting their son Azad. But in a society where most divorced couples have bad blood between one another, Aamir and Kiran managed to have a very cordial, friendly and family-like relationship despite being separated. While shooting for ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’, the two of them were spotted dancing on the sets. Even for Aamir’s daughter Ira Khan’s wedding, the entire family came together. It was honestly very refreshing to watch.

In an interview, Kiran Rao talked about her relationship with Aamir Khan and how it managed to remain as beautiful as it was before despite their divorce.

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“It came naturally to us because we started off working together, and even after we became partners, we continued working together. We understand each other in a way that goes beyond just the marital relationship. We are creatively very close. We also share similar opinions on many issues,” she said.

She went on to explain that they’ve had a very familial and honest relationship which they cannot erase. What they wanted was to redefine their relationship – not be married but still function as a family.

“We had a very familial, honest relationship. That’s something that you can’t erase and you don’t want to because that’s the basis for our relationship. We never even had any acrimonious fallouts or big fights. We just wanted to redefine our relationship. We wanted to remain a family, but not be married. So we just made our own rules. I don’t think relationships can be given social tags. This just happens to be unusual for people, that two divorced individuals want to continue working together, live in the same building, have meals often, etc. I would not have been happy if the dissolution of our marriage had resulted in the end of our relationship,” she shared.

She further elaborated that Aamir seeks and values her opinion, despite being a man who follows his own path.

“He has sought my opinion on many occasions. I suppose since we think similarly on so many levels, I have also been able to influence him. Though he’s always been the person who follows his own path, he values my opinion quite a lot. And it’s nice to hear that.”

This sets such a wonderful precedence that two people, despite being separated, need not be sour towards one another.

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