Unlike Popular Opinion, Kerala Doctor Has Super Neat Handwriting, Prescription Goes Viral

So there’s this running joke on doctors about how they have horrible and often illegible handwriting, right? It actually stands true for many of them. Besides the pharmacist, nobody else is able to read what most doctors have written on their prescriptions.

However, one doctor from Kerala named Dr Nithin Narayanan has super neat handwriting. A prescription of his has gone viral and people on social media are amazed!

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According to The South First, Dr Narayanan is a Paediatrician at the Community Health Centre (CHC) in Nemmara which is located in Kerala’s Palakkad district.

“I came to know about my handwriting being spoken about only after it (photo of the prescription) went viral. It was unexpected but this is a good feeling. I just want to say this is how I have been writing since my childhood. I don’t want to give importance to it but rather focus on what I am doing, and I want to continue doing it,” he said.

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A Facebook user posted the picture online and expressed how doctors should prioritise writing a proper prescription for patients that they are able to read.

“No matter how busy the doctor is, if you write a prescription that doesn’t take more than 2 minutes, it’s written in a way that the patient, the bystander, the pharmacist can understand, the dignity will never decrease! This note shows that it will only increase.”

Wish all doctors had such good handwriting!

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