Planning To Watch ‘Kedarnath’ This Weekend? Read These 15 Tweets Before Booking Your Ticket

Abhishek Kapoor’s ‘Kedarnath’ is based on the brutal 2013 Uttarakhand flash floods that claimed many lives and required extensive rescue operations to help the state get back on its feet. And like any other disaster movie, Kapoor uses Sushant Singh Rajput’s Mansoor and debutant Sara Ali Khan’s Gattu to root the audience emotionally before the eventual apocalypse.

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In doing so, ‘Kedarnath’ attempts to explore the cultural disharmony that happens due to the relationship between the central characters, and test whether love survives the wrath of Mother Nature. That said, has the movie passed or failed its first day screening?

Early responses from Bollywood, critics and fans have been positive for ‘Kedarnath’. And while Abhishek Kapoor’s direction, Sushant Singh’s acting and Amit Trivedi’s music has been lauded, it’s Sara Ali Khan who has stolen the spotlight.

However, a select few aren’t at all impressed by ‘Kedarnath’ and have criticised its slow pacing.

So, will you be heading over to the theatres to watch ‘Kedarnath’ this weekend? Or are you gonna give this a miss?

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