Kartik Aaryan’s Sister Kritika Slaps Him During A Payback Prank, Watch Video

Siblings share a bitter-sweet bond. Their relationship is loaded with arguments, fights, hatha-pai and lots of love. And, even celebrities share the same bond with their siblings. Atleast, the latest video shared by Bollywood heartthrob Kartik Aaryan proves so!

In the video, sister Kritika is seen fooling Kartik Aaryan in a hilarious prank. She ends up slapping the actor on his face in the end. Kartik shared the video on Instagram calling it his quarantine life. “Subah Utho Nahao Pito So Jao,” the caption read.

The ‘sweet revenge’ came after Kartik flipped his sister from the balcony in another prank video earlier.


Fans are absolutely loving Kritika’s prank on her brother.

Well, this is actually ‚Äėkahani ghar ghar ki’ right now! We are all playing pranks on our siblings, annoying them so as to kill time during the lockdown. We feel you Kartik and Kritika.

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