Annoyed With Power Cuts, Karnataka Man Goes To Electricity Office To Use Mixer, Charge Phone

M Hanumanthappa is a resident of Mangote village in Shivamogga district, Karnataka, and he is one of a kind. His home receives electricity supply for only 3 to 4 hours every day. This caused him and his family to stay in the dark for the rest of the day. Not only were they unable to switch on the lights and fans, but they also couldn’t charge their phones or use regular amenities like the mixer-grinder.

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According to DNA, M Hanumanthappa visited the Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited and requested officials to provide his home with electricity. This has been happening for months. He goes to the electricity office, makes requests, follows up and gets into heated arguments. He also requested his local government representatives and the MLA.

One day, he called up a MESCOM official and said, “How do you think we should grind masala and cook food at home? How should we charge our phones? That’s a basic necessity, I can’t go into my neighbour’s house every day for these.”

To this, an official replied, “Then go to the MESCOM office and grind your masala.”

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Obviously, he wasn’t serious. But Hanumanthappa took it seriously. He arrived at the electricity office with a mixer to operate it and also to charge his phone. For 10 months, he has been visiting the office to use his mixer and charge his phone.

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This incident has made Hanumanthappa the internet’s favourite person. Here’s how people responded to the incident:

Confidence to problem-solving skills, there is so much to learn from this man!

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