Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies By Karishma Kapoor’s Best On-Screen Looks?

Karishma Kapoor is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses to have graced the silver screen. But how many of you can correctly identify her movies by her iconic looks? Take this quiz, and let’s find out!

1. Hai Hai Mirch Uff Uff Mirchi!

2. Karishma plays a wife, mother, a divorced single woman and then, the second wife.

3. Those thick & lush brows are unforgettable!

4. She played the ultimate city girl in This David Dhawan flick.

5. Remember Rajkumar Santoshi's comic caper?

6. Sona kitna sona hai!

7. The best 'twin' comedy!

8. What is mobile number?

9. She showcased her dancing dancing prowess in this cult classic!

10. Maiyya Yashoda...

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