Kangana & Uorfi Javed Started Having A War Of Words Online But It Ended On A Touching Note

In case you people hadn’t noticed, Kangana Ranaut is back on Twitter. The actor had been banned from the social media platform back in May 2021 for posting controversial content. Now, she is back again with her rants and recently she went back and forth in a war of words with Uorfi Javed.


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Ever since Pathaan’s release, Twitter is filled with visuals of fans dancing inside auditoriums and celebrating Shahrukh Khan’s return to the big screen. Reacting to one such visual, Kangana tweeted that our country has always “loved all Khans” and that it is “unfair to accuse India of hate and facism”.

To this Uorfi Javed reacted saying that actors are not divided by religion. There are no “Hindu actors” or “Muslim actors”. Actors are actors and their art is their identity.

Responding to her tweet, Kangana said that only in an ideal world will actors not be defined by their religion and it is not possible in our country till we have the Uniform Civil Code – a proposal in India to “formulate and implement personal laws of citizens which apply on all citizens equally regardless of their religion, gender and sexual orientation”. As of now, the personal laws of various communities are governed by their religious scriptures.

To this, Uorfi sarcastically responded by saying that “uniform” is a bad idea for her as she is popular for her clothes (or the lack of it).

Surprisingly, Kangana Ranaut went on to share a very touching mythological story of Akka Mahadevi who, at the age of 16, stripped herself of all clothes and jewellery and left to worship Shiva. It was only her long hair that covered her naked body. She is a popular figure in Kannada mythology.

You can read more about her here.

On learning about this tale and what is signifies, Uorfi said that she has mad respect for Kangana.

To be honest, this was such a liberating take on Uorfi. Kudos to Kangana!

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