Kangana Criticizes Women Who Wear ‘Torn American Jeans’, Gets Slammed For Hypocrisy

A while back, Kangana Ranaut shared an interview of ‘Manikarnika’ action director Nick Powell and tweeted that she was better than Hollywood actor Tom Cruise when it comes to action and people asked her to embrace humility.

Now, the actress has shared a photo of the first female licensed doctors from India, Japan, and Syria wearing the traditional attire of their respective countries and claimed that contemporary achievers in today’s age wouldn’t represent their culture but get photographed in “American jeans n rags” instead, reports NDTV.

Some people have questioned why a female achiever’s clothes are a topic of debate rather than lauding her talent and skills.

Others have shared pictures of the actress herself donning foreign brands and distressed jeans, calling her a hypocrite.

Do you think people are right in asking the actress to first practice what she preaches? Tell us.

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