Kajol Spills The Beans On Three Versions Of Ajay Devgan – Husband, Co-star & Producer

Bollywood actress Kajol has been married to the love of her life, Ajay Devgan for over 20 years now. Romance budded between them several years ago during various films they shot together and have been going super strong ever since. While Kajol is known for her outspoken and happy-go-lucky nature, Ajay is popular as an introvert who speaks only when necessary.

Though Kajol and Ajay stand poles apart as far as their personalities are concerned, they never fail to give their fans, #couplegoals. Recently, Kajol who was last seen in Ajay Devgan’s production ‘Tanhaji’ opened up about her relationship with Ajay as a husband, co-star and producer.

“I actually know all three versions of him, and I married all three of them. He’s not too different from how I imagined him to be. In fact, all three versions of him were created in front of me. We’ve been married for 20 years, which is a long time. When I married him, he wasn’t a producer then, at least not to this extent,” she told HT.

Talking about the compliments that she has received for her role of Savitribai in the film Kajol said, “The fact that people stayed back till the end titles were rolling! That was the biggest one I got, without anybody saying a single word.”

“The nicest one, on the other hand, was when the audience in a multiplex stood up at the end and said ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. I loved the fact that I was at least in a film that had that reaction,” she told TOI.

‘Tanhaji’ has minted over Rs. 250 crores at the box office. Kajol said that she hardly thinks of the box office number before the release of her films. “You can never be sure of any film. I think it’d be overconfidence on our part if we assumed that all the films we made with all our heart and soul will do well. Of course, we hope and pray that they do. Thank God, he answered our prayers!” she exclaimed.

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Kajol has worked with her best friend Karan Johar in a number of films. In several interviews, KJo has revealed that Kajol falling down on the sets of his films during the shoot turns out to be lucky for him. Kajol shared that same has happened during the shoot of ‘Tanhaji’ too.

“And it happened with this one too, and nobody came forward to help me, because as I fell down, everyone was laughing and congratulating each other. I want to put this out there — I was sitting on the steps all by myself after falling down, and after five minutes, Mickey (Contractor, make-up artist) was like ‘Baby, I’ll help you’. I replied ‘Don’t you think that it’s nasty, that for five minutes you all were clapping your hands while I fell down on my butt?” Kajol said.

On the work front. Kajol will be next seen in Netflix’s movie titled ‘Tribhanga’. We hope she continues to charm her way into fans’ hearts for many more years to come!

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