#JusticeForKaku Memes Trend As Maid Refuses To Accept ₹1500 Plus ₹300 Equals ₹1800!


This morning, I came across a viral video that transported me to my standard 2 maths class when adding up four-digit numbers was a HUGE task. The hilarious clip opens up with a lady, who is the house help, arguing with a couple of boys (for whom she worked) for payment of her salary.

The furious woman is seen debating with the boys (in Marathi) for not paying her the said amount of Rs 1800. To which the guys respond that they have paid her three Rs 500 notes along with one Rs 200 note and another one of Rs 100 making it a total of Rs 1800.

However, the woman doesn’t seem convinced by the simple calculation and engages in a hilarious banter of how they paid her Rs 1500 plus Rs 300 and not Rs 1800. The entire conversation between the boys and the woman was recorded and it became fodder for memes.

But first, let’s look at the video:

Within moments of the video spreading like wildfire online, #JusticeForKaku started trending.

Here’s how people reacted to her concern:

Kaku ne toh saara calculation he badal daala. LMFAO!

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