‘A Nightmare’ JP Morgan VP Alleges Facing Caste Discrimination In Gujarat Housing Society

Caste-based discrimination remains a deeply entrenched issue in India. The caste system, a social hierarchy dating back centuries, continues to marginalize and oppress certain communities. Despite legal efforts to eradicate it, instances of discrimination in education, employment, and public spaces persist, perpetuating social inequalities. Even the Vice President of JP Morgan Chase & Co. couldn’t escape it.

Image source: Twitter

Anirudh Kejriwal, the person in question, took to X to share how he faced “blatant caste discrimination” in Sant Vihar 1 Society, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where the society’s management barred his entry due to his caste.

He revealed how despite paying significant advance, the society’s chairman and management openly refused to allow people from “other castes” to move in.

Anirudh was also apparently threatened with “dire consequences” if he proceeded with the purchase of the apartment. This highlights how India has a long way to go in terms of becoming an inclusive nation.

Anirudh Kejriwal further divulged how after living in Mumbai for many years, he decided to move to Gujarat over an opportunity to move to Singapore.

“This experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. The pain of facing such open casteism, in a place I chose with hope, is indescribable,” he wrote.

Several people online were disappointed upon learning about this blatant caste discrimination that he was subjected to and slammed the society’s management for perpetuating such social evils. Here’s how some of them reacted:

If this is what such a successful professional has had to go through, imagine what other marginalized communities have to go through on a daily basis.

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