Javed Akhtar Suggests New ‘Gender Neutral’ Terms ‘SHIM’ & ‘HESH’, Twitter Reacts

Often you will find that when people address a large crowd via writing or speech, they mention ‘him/her’ and ‘he/she’ in a bid to communicate in a more gender-neutral fashion. However, Javed Akhtar thinks that instead of ‘him/her’ and ‘he/she’, people could use an alternate term.

In a tweet, Javed Akhtar suggested that instead of ‘him/her’, we could use ‘SHIM’ and instead of ‘he/she’, we could use ‘HESH’. Have a look at his tweet here:

As the tweet went viral, he was trolled by several people online. While many reminded him of the terms ‘they/them’ and that there are people who don’t identify as either male or female, others cracked hilarious jokes. Have a look:

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