This Man Using A Mouse To Scroll His Phone Makes Us Believe That The Future Is Here!

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Endless scrolling.

Kya aap scrolling se pareshan hain? Kya aapki bhi unglion mein hota hain gambhir dard ka ehsas, ahseem scrolling se? Kya aapko chahiye iska hal?

(Are you fed up of scrolling? Do your fingers pain as hell because of endless scrolling? Do you want a fix for it?)

Toh fikar mat kariye, Tweeple le aaye hain iss scrolling ka ek nishchit upay.

(Don’t worry, Tweeple have found a sureshot fix for scrolling.)

A Twitter user shared a picture of a Japanese man using a USB mouse to scroll down his emails on his phone on subway. And, since then, he’s become internet’s favourite.

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At least, he’s my absolute favourite. The hack is brilliant and netizens have a lot of feels about his act. 

1. A genuine query.

2. Yeah, José, totally trying that on bed!

3. But this guy doesn’t like the idea. :/

4. You never know, this may become a reality.

5. This guy was all praises about the hack. 😀

6. Kevin, you are on a different tangent, bro!

 7. That explains.

8. How can Tweeple not crack that joke?!

9. This is a legit fear and line of reasoning. I believe in your reason, Anushri.

10. Errmmm!

11. That could be a thing of the future.

12. Because, we Indians rock?! #Facepalm

But say what you need to say, this man has won our hearts and broken the internet with one pic.