2,000 Pikachu March Down Japan’s Streets For 2019’s LIT Pokémon GO Festival! See Pics

As a child, I remember timing my entire school routine – from changing clothes, to finishing homework, so that I could get to watch the show ‘Pokémon’, uninterrupted. Growing up with the cute voice of ‘Pika Pika…’ and the wish of possibly seeing a Pikachu in the world still gets me nostalgic. And I am sure, that I am not the only fan of the viral phenomenon of Pokémon.

Pokémon the show as well as it’s game ‘Pokémon GO’ have been winning hearts worldwide for decades. One of the highlights of which had been the electrifyingly adorable yellow Pikachu. And to celebrate that character, every year, Japan hosts a festival where, not 1, not 2 but thousands of Pikachu put up a fantabulous parade show on the streets.

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This year, the Pikachu Outbreak festival is back where people can witness the amazing sight of over 2,000 Pikachu marching down the streets of Yokohama Minato Mirai District. Every year, people gather around to see their favorite animated character come alive. The festival marked its beginning on 6th August 2019, and will continue till 12th August 2019.

People who attended the event on the first day of the festival blessed the internet with the videos of dozens of Pikachu dancing in sync!

Needless to say, Pokémon fans had been holding their hearts over the kawaii-ness of these mascots.

The event is held in the celebration of the game ‘Pokémon GO’, where  you can virtually catch ’em all Pokémon via simulated reality. This game literally brings your favorite Pokémon on your street – and this festival brings them to life. Seriously, not being able to see this Pikachu Festival is gonna be the regret  of my life!

Aaj jana, FOMO kya chiz hai! :'(