NCIB Says Men Could Be Jailed For Staring At Women For 14 Seconds, Twitter Reacts With Memes

Eve-teasing, passing derogatory remarks, continuous staring, whistling, and hand gestures are some of the many ways in which a woman is harassed in public.

While some turn a blind eye to these perpetrators, others take the matter to the cops and try to teach them a lesson.

However, did you know that staring at any girl or woman for longer than 14 seconds can result in the imprisonment of the accused? This information was recently tweeted by the National Crime Investigation Bureau (NCIB) Headquarters from their official Twitter account.

In the tweet thread, they said in Hindi, “Looking at any girl/woman for more than 14 seconds can lead to jail.”

“This is because knowingly or unknowingly or jokingly, staring at a familiar or unfamiliar girl/woman for more than 14 seconds is a serious crime under sections 294 and 509 of the IPC. Such cases come under molestation.”

They further said that those proven guilty of doing such acts can be imprisoned for a minimum of 3 months that can extend to a year. They could also be fined in this regard.

It’s good that the NCIB decided to disseminate this vital information. But people online were intrigued to know how someone will prove that a person stared at them for more than 14 seconds.

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Those scratching their heads reacted with memes and jokes in the comments section. Take a look:

Some raised this important question:

Jokes apart. I think this law needs introspection and updating. What do you think?

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