Isha Ambani & Anand Piramal’s Wedding Invites Have Graced The Internet & It’s A Lot Of Gold

People who aren’t a fan of marriage don’t have any reason to keep aside a truck-full of money for the occasion. And those who do, well, they’ve to spend their every waking hour to think about how they’re gonna marry their beloved without going bankrupt. However, if you’re an Ambani, marrying lavishly is a piece of chocolate-flavoured, gold-garnished cake.

Isha Ambani and Anand Pirmal took the first step towards beginning a new chapter of their life after Anand went down on one knee to take her hand in marriage.

Yes, you millennials, it does sound cliched as hell. But look at how happy they look! And that’s all that matters.

This obviously called for a celebration and lots of naach and gaana. The engagement was attended by so many celebs that it would’ve given your general knowledge a run for its money.

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Now, since Isha and Anand’s wedding day is right around the corner, the invites have started to arrive. And it is a stunner!

Okay, so allow me to run you through what this invitation card/box is comprised of. There’s an master box, which when opened starts playing the Gayatri Mantra. Then, there are four intricately designed golden boxes. And when you take one of them out and pop it open, there’s a beautiful photo of Goddess Gayatri in it.

People who got a glimpse of this beautiful invite for Isha and Anand’s wedding were awestruck and expressed their delight in the comments.

1. That’s what the replay button’s for.

2. It’s a thin line, but they’re walking it.

3. Awww!

4. Amen to that!

5. That’s the genius of an Ambani wedding.

If this would’ve been anyone else, these invites would’ve been called “over the top”. But since it’s the Ambanis, it feels like something they can afford to do. That said, the pre-wedding celebration are supposed to be a two-day affair from December 8 to 9, with the wedding taking place on December 12. So, be ready for some more exciting (and probably covered in gold) surprises in the future.

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