An IPL Cheerleader Held A Question-Answer Session On Reddit & It Was Refreshingly Honest

With the phenomenal success the IPL has had, there are very few things about it that don’t interest us. The elaborate auctions, the playing, the endorsements- they’ve only gotten bigger with every season.¬†But, we don’t know much of what happens behind the cameras.

A professional cheerleader at the IPL decided to hold a quick ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session on the popular social media platform, Reddit, where people ask questions to the person holding the session, expecting enriching answers in return. The answers given by her to questions of all kinds were honest, refreshing, and real.

P.S.- Her details were verified before the AMA took place. Because she didn’t disclose her name, she answered questions under the name ‘IPLcheer’.

1. She gave her take on there being a lesser number of Indian cheerleaders



2. She gave a truthful response to people ogling at her and the other cheerleaders at the stadium



3. She also mentioned the similarity and difference between crowds of men in India vs crowds of men in USA



4. She gave the most perfect answers in the world when asked what she hated about her job



5. She bluntly cleared the misconceptions people have about cheerleaders


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6. And she spoke about men again



7. She professed her love for Indian food, and spoke about her pay



8. She gave some serious advice based on her own experiences. Not to mention a glimpse into her professional background


She also mentioned that she was a house-painter before she came to India to cheer.


9. And finally, she got candid about her stay in the beginning


There were several other questions asked, including what kind of gossip she could share, were there any cricketers who’d hit on them, and what kind of professional backgrounds they come from.

The AMA was a very simple one, and I’m glad that she¬†cleared several doubts we had over the years about the lives of women cheering our IPL teams on. Thank you, IPLcheer!

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