Two Indore Men Tie The Knot To Appease Rain Gods As Kids And Wives Watch Them Take Pheras!

We, as a society, have a lot of high-brows reserved for same-sex marriages. And that’s the reason the LGBTQIA community In India has more than just rights at stake. But hey, we will keep that for another article, another time.

Well, this time over, the brow-raising incident this time is that two men in Indore have tied the knot in a traditional Hindu ceremony. 

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No, it is not shocking because it involved two men in a same-sex marriage! It is bizarre because of the reason they decided to marry (cue: not love).


The duo, identified as Sakaram Ahirwar and Rakesh Adjan–who have kids from their respective wives–tied the knot in a bid to please the rain Gods! 

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That’s right. A Hindu priest officiated the wedding in front of a traditional holy fire because local customs say the rain God’s attention can be drawn by out-of-the-ordinary occurrences. All this because Indore, reports suggest, has received scarce rainfall this year.

The men were dressed in traditional wedding attire and the ceremony was preceded by a hoard of baraatis dancing to Bollywood songs and marching in a procession through their neighbourhood.


The organiser of the marriage, Ramesh Singh Tomar, who is also the employer of the two men said, 

“All this was done to draw attention of Lord Indra, who is believed to be God of rain so that he showers his blessings in the form of rain in this area.”

Although we cannot ascertain how much Lord Indra was pleased with the act, but if it helps, clouds did hover and it did rain briefly while the marriage was going! Some signs, eh?

Also, the newly wedded left for their respective homes after the ceremony ended.


Watch the video of their nuptials here. 

News Source: Hindustan Times