IndiGo Has A Special Ramp For ‘Founders & Their Funders’ At Bengaluru Airport

Considered the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bengaluru is THE place for startups and startup founders (or so one might believe). In this city, one might find a prospective investor in their landlord or autorickshaw drivers who dabble with stocks and Bitcoin.

Adding a bit of humour to this stereotype, IndiGo came up with a hilarious yet striking customised caption for one of their ramps at Bengaluru Airport. On the side of one of the ramps, the caption read, “Common ramp for founders and their funders”.

A woman named Pooja Singh shared the picture on Twitter and called it a “Peak Bengaluru Moment”. Have a look:

People online really admired the witty wordplay used by IndiGo to customise their ramps. Pretty appropriate for a ramp in Bengaluru! Here’s how Twitter reacted to the picture:

According to Moneycontrol, other such funny captions that the airline has given to some of its ramps read things like “Catch me if you can” and “VPs this way”.

Talk about getting creative! 😛

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