Bengaluru Auto Driver Is Also A Personal-Finance YouTube Influencer, Passenger Shares Story

Bengaluru is called the Tech Capital of India or the Silicon Valley of India for a reason. Forget college graduates and corporate big shots, in this city, even autorickshaw and cab drivers, vegetable sellers and domestic helps are extremely tech-savvy and use the internet to their advantage.

Here’s an example. A man named Sushant Koshy took to Twitter to share how an auto driver he was riding with in Bengaluru is also paving his way as a personal finance influencer. The driver, who is named Janardhan, also has a YouTube channel where he teaches people about finance and investment.

The name of his YouTube channel is Gold Janardhan Investor wherein there are videos and shorts on various financial topics such as taxes, compounding interest, investing in stocks, purchasing online gold, etc.

What Janardhan managed to do was first learn moderate to complex economic topics and then explain them in layman’s terms in his videos. He also learnt how to create graphs for his videos.

Here’s a look at one of his videos. He speaks in Kannada so fellow locals can understand.

In this city, every other person has an impressive side hustle! 😀

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