In A ‘Peak Bengaluru’ Incident, Landlord Invests ₹8 Lakh In Tenant’s Startup, Twitter Shocked

When it comes to Bengaluru and its landlords, we mostly hear negative stories about them. From demanding too much rent with an exorbitant security deposit to having bizarre rules for staying in their apartment, many tenants in the city have complained about the difficult nature of landlords. However, one man has been blessed with a supportive landlord.

A man named Pawan Gupta, who runs a startup, took to Twitter to share how his landlord invested 10,000 USD (8.24 lakh INR approx) in his company.

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“I’m investing in you. All the best and hope you reach the greatest of heights,” he wrote.

In a tough business landscape, I found an unexpected investor in my landlord. He recently invested $10K in my startup @betterhalfai. Truly amazed by the entrepreneurial spirit everyone in Bangalore shows. Silicon Valley of India for a reason,” Pawan tweeted.

Here’s a look at their conversation:

And here’s a look at Pawan’s tweet:

Honestly, in today’s age, it is difficult to find a landlord who is willing to adjust to the tenant’s needs. Some of them are hell-bent on making the tenants abide by their every rule and condition. To see this particular landlord being supportive of his tenant’s business is such a breath of fresh air.

People online couldn’t help but shower all their love for the man. Here’s what some of them said:

Bengaluru manages to surprise you every single day!

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