IndiGo Air Hostess Films MS Dhoni Sleeping Inside Flight, Gets Slammed For Breach Of Privacy

Celebrities including movie starts, cricketers, singers, etc. in our country are always under the public eye with their entire lives scrutinized 24×7. Fans now tend to record and click pictures of them wherever they go, sometimes against their knowledge and consent. This is a gross invasion of a person’s privacy.

Recently, a video went viral wherein an IndiGo air hostess was seen filming Mahendra Singh Dhoni who was seated on the first row of the flight and was sleeping. She was a fangirl who was probably delighted to see Dhoni and was within close proximity to him. But to film him against his knowledge while he was sleeping is not an act to be proud of.

Several people online claimed that there was nothing “cute” about this video and that nobody has the right to intrude someone else’s privacy, even though they are a public figure. Have a look at some of the responses here:

Certain fans of celebrities truly need to be better human beings first.

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