Indian Women Share #MeToo Stories And Magnitude Of The Problem Will Shake You To The Core


We owe it to Alyssa Milano for making these two words, which are the saddest (and have the heaviest burden on them), go viral on social media. These are not just two words that belong to the English language. These are words that resonate with billions of women who have at some point in their life faced any form of assault.

One tweet started a Twitter trend, with both men and women were tweeting stories of being sexually harassed, assaulted and even raped, using #MeToo.

Soon, our social media timelines were filled with harrowing tales of women and their #MeToo stories. 

1. Celebrities too shared the hashtag.

2. Mallika Dua shared her horrifying episode.

3. I don’t know a single woman who has said #NotMe .

4. Unfortunately.

5. She doesn’t. No one does.

6. Women mustered courage and shared their stories.

7. Harassment at work is a scary as hell.

8. Others motivated those who were afraid to come forward with their truth.

9. Sad truth!

10. What kind of world are we living in?

11. This thread is heartbreaking.

12. We all share the pain.

13. It was a BIG deal.

14. It has.

15. This must’ve taken a lot of courage.

16. Now, we can.

This is making us cry with rage and it’s high time the society takes that veil off their eyes and see how huge the problem is.

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