Indians Above 25 Share The Deepest Regrets They Have Regarding Their Career, Family & Studies

Your 20s are that stage in your life where you need to make some pretty serious decisions regarding your education, career, relationships, and family. Hence, there is a lot of pressure on many people to make the correct decision, or else they would continue to regret their choices for a long time to come.

Speaking of which, people online who have crossed 25 revealed the decisions they regret the most on Reddit.


Indians above 25, what do you regret the most? from india

From not quitting their jobs soon to pursuing a degree they didn’t have their heart in, here are some of the things that Indians listed under the comment section.

This can make one feel so lonely.

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Sometimes, this can leave you way behind than others.

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So many people had the same regret.

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Financial planning is extremely crucial. The earlier you start the better.

This is just heartbreaking.

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For some people, choosing the typical path may be better?

Take care of your health!

Do you have any regrets in your life? Tell us!

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