8 Indian Teen Developers Who Fascinated Everyone With Their Brilliant Inventions

Remember how easy it was to think out of the box? To let our imagination fly without any limitations. Back then there was no pressure to be adults and that is why teenage is called the golden time of our youth.

We look at the world in a different way and we still have most of our curiosity intact. These qualities are a few of the many other the following teens used to create something that surprised and fascinated everyone.

And most of the times these kids make something that benefits the society as a whole. And that’s what we have to get inspired by.

1. Anang Tadar from Arunachal created special goggles that can be used by the blind people to avoid obstacles while walking. Even UNICEF has been impressed by his design.

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Anang’s device works like parking assistance in cars. It beeps when there is an obstacle near you. And because it is cost-effective and successful, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Pema Khandu wanted to meet with him to talk about his invention.

The device is successful but UNICEF has asked him to make more prototypes to reduce its bulkiness.

He was inspired to invent the device after he saw a small blind girl a few years ago. His invention was also showcased at the national level science exhibition in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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2. 15-year-old Akash Manoj invented a device that detects ‘silent’ heart attacks. He spent one and a half year perfecting his machine with the help from AIIMS, Delhi.

After Akash lost his grandfather to a silent heart attack, he decided to put his scientific mind to solve this problem. Silent heart attacks do not manifest as real ones and are hence difficult to diagnose. But even then, silent heart attacks are very common and because of their nature, very deadly too.

Akash made a device that can detect even the silent heart attacks. He got a research grant from Rashtrapati Bhavan and technical help from Department of Biotechnology’s BIRAC and AIIMS Delhi.

And like a real good man, he wants the government to sell it so that it can be affordable for everyone.

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3. 14 YO Harshwardhan Zala from Gujarat made a laser drone that can zap landmines. He signed a 5 crore rupees Memorandum of Understanding with Gujarat government for the same.

Landmines kill almost as many soldiers as the enemy does. Furthermore, they kill innocent civilians years after the war is over.

Harshwardhan spent Rs. 2 lakhs on his prototypes before the government spotted the talent and gave him further assistance. The drone has immense potential for the Indian army. It has an infrared sensor, a thermal meter and an RGB sensor with a 21 MP camera.

The most important aspect of this invention is that it not only detects the landmines but also diffuses it efficiently. Harshawardhan has done his country a service.

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4. 19-year-old Shalini Kumari invented a new design of an adjustable walker when she was just 12. She was felicitated by the President of India for the same.

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Shalini Kumar’s grandfather met with an accident and hence could not climb up the stairs to go to the terrace garden that he always enjoyed. The conventional walkers in the market are not useful to climb up the stairs.

And that is what motivated her to invent a walker that any weak person can use to walk up stairs. She was just 12 when she successfully developed it.

She received the National Innovation Award from APJ Abdul Kalam for this invention.

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5. 13 YO Sivakasi fire victim, Jayakumar, invented a low-cost fire extinguisher which triggers water sprinklers when it detects heat from fire

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Jayakumar’s mother suffered severe burns in a factory fire in Sivakasi. She worked in one of the many fireworks factories there. In these factories, fire safety standards are nonexistent.

And that is what caused his mother serious burn injuries. Jayakumar decided he would make these factories a safe place for all the factory workers. His fire extinguisher has a heat sensor that detects heat from fire and activates the water motors.

Before this, he had invented a similar device to detect LPG cylinder fires. It won him national recognition and a chance to showcase his device on a national stage.

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6. Indian-American Chaitanya Karamchedu discovered a cheap method to turn seawater into drinkable water.

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70% of Earth is covered in water. But most of it is sea water which is too salty for consumption or usage. The process of desalination converts sea water into usable water. But the conventional processes are too expensive to be used on a large scale.

Chaitanya, fondly called ‘Chai’, found a way in his high school lab to implement it on a large scale. His breakthrough got him attention from America’s top scientists, companies, and universities.

He also won a $10,000 award from the U.S. Agency for International Development for his breakthrough. If it becomes successful, it might just eliminate the shortage of drinking water throughout the world.

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With the right guidance, these teenagers can turn into successful inventors. And the important thing is that these teens have good intentions. That means they are going to innovate for the good of the humanity.

Such talent should always be encouraged. They have the potential to make our world a better place.

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