Video Shows Elderly Couple Helping Daughter-In-Law Get The Perfect Click With Her Husband

The world is full of all kinds of people. There are those who inspire the vamps in Indian TV soaps and there are also some who are completely opposite of what we see on TV.

The relationship between a woman and her in-laws is often seen as a negative one. One where the woman is tortured by her mother-in-law and not given equal respect and importance as her husband or his siblings.

However, this heartwarming video of the parents-in-law of a woman helping her to get a perfect picture with her husband will make you think again.

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In the video shared by actor Bhushan Pradhan on Instagram, we can see a couple standing on top of huge rocks to get a picture clicked by the beach. While the father is positioned with the camera, the mother helps the daughter-in-law get the perfect pose with her dupatta.

The mother holds the dupatta from one end and patiently waits while her daughter-in-law adjusts her pose.

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After multiple attempts, the couple is able to get the correct pose. Then, the dad-in-law springs to action and clicks the pictures of the couple while the mother waits for the photo shoot to end, holding the dupatta.

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The cute family moment overwhelmed Pradhan. Sharing the video, the actor wrote:

“Overwhelmed seeing these in-laws helping their daughter-in-law get a perfect picture at the beach!”


People online were all hearts of the elderly couple who helped their kids get the perfect click.

It makes our lives so easy and happy when we get such loving and caring parents even after our marriage. Kudos to these supportive parents.

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