10 Perks Of Being A Vegetarian

This debate on vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism is a never-ending one. And now that our government has started to practice their new hobby, banning stuff, in full swing, you might as well just listen up and see how being a vegetarian would do good.

Here are the perks of being a vegetarian.

1. You save a hell lot of money on food and groceries

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2. Not sharing food when you’re surrounded by non-vegetarians

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Non-vegetarians be like, “eww who needs paneer when I have chicken?” Well, good enough, bub. I’mma have the entire fucking bowl.


3. Watching non-vegetarians whine when there are no non-veg options in the menu

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“So, you were saying something about paneer earlier…”


4. Let’s not even start with the health benefits of being vegetarian

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Lower cholesterol, lower risk of diabetes, heart problems, and other illnesses.


5. And how it helps the world be a better place

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Vegetables require a lot less resources to reach you in stores and markets, as compared to meat.


6. If you’re a vegetarian majority, the non-vegetarians HAVE to oblige to you

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4 people vegetarians, 1 non-vegetarian. Let’s order a vegetarian pizza. THERE.


7. Cliché, but you’re doing your bit to not kill animals for the pleasure of your taste buds

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*Wipes tear away*


8. You get to sass people who ask you why you’re a vegetarian

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So many comebacks, so many people.


9. You get to be creative in the kitchen with your food

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Yummy in your tummy.


10. And finally, if you’ve turned into a vegetarian, you’ll always hold pride in being strong willed for making that decision

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And not have succumbed to wanting to eat non-vegetarian food. Kudos to you! 😀

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