These 20 Illustrations About The Ugly Society We Live In Are So On Point That It Hurts!

Seldom comes an art that gives me goosebumps and these illustrations by Al Margen do just that. They capture our society and the problems it is plagued by perfectly. These drawings are so real, that they hit you right in the face. Every image talks to you and makes you wonder, what have we done with our lives? How did this happen? When did we become slaves to the hands of technology? What about the things that actually matter?

Take a look at these 20 pictures and it’s like looking in the mirror.

1.  Yes, we believe whatever is fed to us. Why don’t we question anymore?


2. This wasn’t the purpose of education. Was it?


3. Lost in the eyes of social media!


4. Do we even hear ourselves, anymore?


5. But can a fake smile solve everything?


6. That bomb within us is waiting to explode!


7. Mental diseases like Anorexia and Bulimia need to be discussed more often.


8. Draining the life out of us.


9. Childhood was supposed to be fun, right?


10. The illusions we create and live in!


11. Burdened by overpopulation…


12. It’s just plain noise…


13. Even the symbol of peace has accepted defeat.


14. Who do we see?


15. That one flew out of the window, a long time ago!


16. Caught in the rut, we are dictated by our phones and by our work. We have stopped living…


17. Stuck forever and always…


18. We don’t live in the present. It’s either the past that haunts us or the future that worries us!


19. STOP and give it a rest!


20. Greed, gluttony, sex… What about compassion, empathy and love?

These illustrations have blown my mind but at the same time, it saddens me to see how we as a society are progressing. We need focus on things that actually matter and shatter the pretence we are living in!

All images have been taken from Al Margen’s Facebook page.

h/t: Bored Panda

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