Video Of IIT-Kharagpur Professor Abusing Students In Online Classroom Emerges Online

Lately, a video of an abusive Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur professor has been doing the rounds of social media.

An Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Science, Seema Singh can be heard screaming at a visibly terrified group of students in an online classroom setting. The virtual classroom consisted of a batch of preparatory students viz. students from the ST/SC category and students with disability. Candidates who are unable to get admission to IIT through JEE Advanced are given one year of preparatory classes to qualify for a seat next year.

According to The Print, a student who was attending the session confirmed that the professor was upset because she assumed the students didn’t stand up for the national anthem, while allegedly everyone did stand up.

She can clearly be heard shouting ‘bloody b*st#rds’ in the leaked video, first uploaded by a Facebook Page named ‘KGP Confessions’. She’s also heard calling the students ‘shameless’.

IIT Kharagpur professor abuses prep students in online class

#3870To: The Student Fraternity, Vice President, Dean of Students' Affairs This confession is regarding a professor who can be well identified by this video. She has been crossing all limits of abuse of power.1. She overreacts a lot in her classes 2. She abuses the students and their parents by using words such as "Bloody Bastards" during a class in session in an Institute of Eminence. 3. She says she cannot be touched and is above everybody, the Government, the Ministry, the Institute everything.4. She is mentally torturing and abusing the students of prep courses who haven't even started their college life yet and are still in a learning phase. We demand that this professor must be immediately terminated form service or else we will keep pushing the videos on the internet and even start contacting media bodies, then you guys and the Dean can keep answering to newspapers that why such a hooligan is allowed to profess in an institute of eminence. From: Everyone who wants her out of the institute Admin: There maybe other sides to this truth as well, but such kind of behaviour is not at all acceptable from a professor of an institute like ours. There's a second video attached in the comment section as well.

Posted by KGP Confessions on Sunday, April 25, 2021

Tamal Nath, the registrar told The Hindu, “A few hours ago, I got an email in this regard. In the IIT system, we do not support such language. We will take some action”

People on social media condemned the spiteful behaviour of the teacher, while demanding action against her.

We hope the authorities take necessary action and prevent the occurrence of such incidents in the future.

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