IIM-A Student Raised By A Single Mom Proudly Takes Her Name To Thank Her

We have come across many inspiring stories of people defying all odds and achieving their goals through hard work and determination. From Govinda to cricketer Priya Punia, many of them credit their mother as being their strongest support system through it all. Another such story has surfaced which would definitely make your day, just like it did for me!

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Het Shitalben Shukla, a student from Bhopal who has recently earned a place in IIM-A has grabbed headlines for bearing his mother’s name as an expression of gratitude for raising him as a single parent. Growing up in Bhopal, he lived in a rented place till the year 2015, and didn’t even attend any coaching classes till class XI.

As per a report in TOI, he said, “My mother always helped me with my studies. She holds a diploma in mechanical engineering,” Het said. “During the early stages of my life, she worked as a tuition teacher to take care of our household and other expenses. “I got to know more about the institute by reading books authored by Chetan Bhagat and Rashmi Bansal.”

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His persistence paid off when, on his second attempt, he was offered admission at IIM-A in the PGP FABM (food and agribusiness management) program for the 2021-23 batch after he was placed in the 97.53rd percentile in CAT. “I got to know more about the institute by reading books authored by Chetan Bhagat and Rashmi Bansal,” he admitted.

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Kudos to his mother’s determination and hard work that helped him accomplish this feat. We wish him luck in his journey at the prestigious university. What do you think of his story? Tell us.

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