India Gets Its First-Ever Igloo Cafe In Kashmir’s Gulmarg, See Visuals

Igloos were something that I’d only ever seen in cartoons. So to see an Igloo cafe in our very own country got me all excited and now I’m planning my next trip to Kashmir!

That’s right. India has got its first-ever igloo cafe located in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Not just Eskimos, but even you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee inside this Igloo which is built over a blanket of snow! According to TNIE, everything starting from tables, chairs to the wall decor is made out of ice.

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The cafe has four tables and it can accommodate 16 customers at a time.

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According to India Today, the cafe is the brainchild of a hotelier named Waseem Shah who is the owner of Kolhai Resorts.

“I am a traveller myself. I have seen such things in places like Switzerland. So, I thought why not to do something like that here. The idea was to create a new experience. This is the first one in Gulmarg. I am hoping more will come up eventually,” he said.

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People who were lucky enough to visit the beautiful cafe shared visuals online. Have a look:

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Doesn’t this look straight out of a Christmas movie?

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